Photography and audiovisual production

"Deltebre Dansa means to live, to dance, to discover. The ataraxy of the movement world that offers you, unexpectedly, the ephemeral sensation that we call happiness."

"Ricardo makes images dance, he carries dance in his veins and soul. His artistic sensitivity is transmitted via his media productions and what strikes you the most about him is his big heart and particular sense of humor.”

Ricardo is a graduate in classical and contemporary dance from Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza, Madrid. After Madrid, Ricardo moves to Barcelona to train further and ends up joining the dance company Danat Dansa. At the moment, he is a dancer and choreographer at La Fura dels Baus on the following shows: La Atlántida, El Martiri de Sant Sebastià and Incubadores, which was performed for brands such as Swatch or Absolut. 

Ricardo is also a co-founder member and choreographer at the dance company Erre que Erre, which has performed in various countries. Apart from Tretze són tretze, he took part in dance videos such as ‘Divadlo’, ‘A.P.A.A.I.’, ‘Carn Radioactiva’ and ‘No pesa el cor dels veloços’, all under the direction of the cinema director Guillem Morales. Furthermore, Ricardo has worked with companies such as Sol Picó, Carles Santos, Els Comediants, Senza Tempo, General Elèctrica d’Espectacles and Lanònima Imperial, amongst others. Self-taught photographer and video producer, he directs, produces and edits hundreds of projects including: documentaries, videoclips, interviews, corporate videos and advertising campaigns. For many years now, he has been responsible for the media documentation of la Caldera, dance and performing arts centre in Barcelona.  

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