Asvin López, Toni Gutiérrez, Mila Martínez, Sait Tamir, Tanja Haupt, Nacho López


Asvin López, Toni Gutiérrez, Mila Martínez, Sait Tamir, Tanja Haupt, Nacho López

15/07/2023 22:30 h

Deltebre Dansa Tent

All audiences
5€ (All the night shows included in the ticket)


“I fly, I run, I go up, I go down… all the way up. I run again, without touching the ground, high and doing circles. I land, we stopped, I contemplate. I am surrounded by new smells, my eyes cry tears that they did not know before and I laugh. I laugh so hard I surprise myself. And I sing with my chest down. I continue my journey. I am not alone, I am with you. It is me. It’s me with you. I am you I am nothing, I am nothing and I am everything. I am noise and eddies, turbulence and tides. Rays of hope and angry cries. I am a ship in constant motion, I navigate through my emotions and those of those who, close or from a distance, accompany me”. VoloV is inspired by the classic work The Birds, a work written by Aristophanes; Greek playwright and comedian (448 BC – 380 BC). It tells the story of travelers fleeing the constant disputes that take place in Athens. They travel in search of a happy and free world, where peace and harmony reign among its inhabitants.


TQM was born from the union of artists Tanja Haupt and Nacho López (Circonautas), Asvin López and Toni Gutiérrez (La Fem Fatal), Mila Martínez and Sait Tamir. The contemporary art sector considers the audience as an indispensable part of the stage performance, and from TQM we make a joint creative effort to discover the new possibilities offered by the context we are living in. Art and culture are reflection, they are communication, they are learning, they are personal growth, they are reinvention, they are mirrors, they are the void, they are the whole. We don’t understand a life without any of these. This is why we firmly believe in the need to keep the cultural engine, its human fabric, and the importance of continuing to offer quality culture to our public that is more alive than ever. Aware that we live in constant change, we offer artistic practice of great quality and value within the social and cultural challenge we face: creation, adaptation and coherence.