Camille Guillaume



Camille Guillaume


Camille Guillaume

07/07/23 22:30

Deltebre Dansa Tent

All audiences
5€ (All the night shows included in the ticket)


Sometimes, things happen when we’re still too little to have the ability to understand and respond properly to our environment and protect ourselves. In a sort of slow and hypnotic atmosphere, a person tries to find the innocence it lost somewhere, to put on a brave face and to solve the enigma that blocks it in a strange temporal loop. ‘Milk’ reveals a hidden glitch in the earliest childhood matrix : sexual violences and the resulting traumatic amnesia. By relying on different improvisation tasks and qualities of movement, a universe close to physical theater and explorations on absence and presence, ‘Milk’ evokes several protective and dissociative mechanisms, and the whole twisted, confused and inconscient body language that a traumatized body is able to set up for survival. To highlight a secret kept during a long time between a child and an adult, allows myself to testify on the difficulties that appear when it’s time to build oneself as a social being.


After getting a bachelor’s degree in cinema and entering the junior company Cobosmika Seed’s, Camille Guillaume created the Collectif Orobanches with Zoe Coudougnan in 2016 and their first duet “Printemps”. Meanwhile, she has developed an interest for clown, polyphonic chant, shiatsu massage, Alexander Technic and Butô. She has been teaching dance-theater and contemporary dance for amateurs, has performed in prison settings and has also been guest teacher and choreographer in professional formations. Then, she joined the companies Dernière Minute (Pierre Rigal), Demestri&Lefeuvre on the duet “GLITCH” and La Compagnie S’Appelle Reviens (Alice Laloy). From her own researches based on strange body and vocal textures and improvisations, she’s trying to develop a personal and original way of moving, and from her writing and singing explorations, she’s now composing polyphonic songs. She is currently creating her own company “La Maison-Mât” based in Bordeaux (France).