Guest artist





14/07/23 22:30 h

Carpa Deltebre Dansa

120′ (all night long)
All audiences
5€ (All the night shows included in the ticket)


For the second consecutive year, and given the success of the first edition, we open our stage to improvisation and the exaltation of urban art in the purest style of ‘hip-hoper cockfights’ but without the competitive part. Improvised performances by some of the best dancers who currently exist. All the participants of the PRO workshops and the general public eager to celebrate, dance and share their movement, have a date at the Open Stage Night. A night of art, of spontaneity, of going on stage without prejudice and tasting all the creativity from Deltebre Dansa. An invitation to the stage to enjoy the dance. In this second edition of the Open Stage Night we want to turn this night into ‘The animal night’. Thus, a second solidarity night is established at the Festival which, in this case, will be in favor of the entities local animalists: DeltaRescat and Progat Deltebre. In this way, the public will be invited to bring food, medicines and miscellaneous material (blankets, medicines, drinkers and canteens…), which will be given to these associations.


As known from the TV Show LEGENDARY, Sattva Ninja (they), are a Vietnamese German movement magician and director based in London, who have worked with international brands and artists like Meghan Thee Stallion, Louboutin, Joy Crookes, Mercedes Benz, Saul Nash and more. Worldwide they have made an impact in the ballroom culture as a judge, teacher, mentor and/or with winning their categories, which are the performance categories called New Way and Arms Control. Sattva is known for their fluid, water-like movement style inspired by the mystical movements of a cobra and the visually appealing movements from their Vietnamese culture.