Chey Jurado



Chey Jurado


Chey Jurado

04/07/23 22:00

Carpa Deltebre Dansa

All audiences
5€ (All the night shows included in the ticket)


If I stop, everything breaks. If I continue, I break myself.


Chey Jurado started as a self-taught Breakin and Poppin dancer at the beginning of 2005, together with his group of friends “ElectroduendesCrew” and influenced by his father, a dancer at the beginning of the Hip Hop culture in Spain (1984). Over the years, and already professionally, he has won numerous titles on internationally influential platforms such as, Redbull BC ONE, Just Debout, Battle Of The Year, Open Your Mind, Redbull Dance Your Style, WGTF?, I Love This Dance… In the field of performing arts, he has collaborated with companies and choreographers such as La Veronal, Roberto Olivan, Elias Aguirre, Dani Pannulo, Lokomamia, Cia Malditas Sargantanes, Jordi Vilaseca, Antoni Carmona, Roy Ofer, Rojas & Rodriguez, Taiat Dance, Perfordance, and currently with the Belgian company Pepping Tom. In mid-2016 he debuted as a director and choreographer creating his own dance work AGUA in collaboration with the distribution of Rotativa Performing Arts, awarded in contemporary dance competitions such as Més Dansa, Burgos&nuevayork, 10 Sentits, Hop festival, M1 Contact … Which facilitated the visibility of their work for festivals all over the world. Recently and already as a consolidated company it has a catalog of its own works in the company of Patty Inflat as cultural manager, RAÍZ his second solo, POR PARTE DE MADRE together with the guitarist Antonia Jiménez, MAREA WEEKEND his last work and still in process, and two more works in collaboration HITO with Akira Yoshida, and SAMSARA with Javito Mario. He combines this physical and scenic background with teaching, OPPOSITE SIDE is the name of the research he proposes in workshop format and which he teaches at festivals all over the world. He recently received the Critical Eye Award 2022 by RTVE.