Iñigo Arroyo

BMX Flatland and Cyr wheel


Iñigo Arroyo


Iñigo Arroyo

06/07/23 22:00

Deltebre Dansa Tent

60′ (all night long)
All audiences
5€ (All the night shows included in the ticket)


Iñigo Arroyo will perform two performances: one with Roda Cyr and another with BMX Flatland. During the performance at the Roda Cyr he will perform different types of adventures to the rhythm of the music, while at the BMX Flatland he will surprise you with the agile maneuvers on the bike.  


Iñigo started competing at a sporting level with the bmx flatland discipline in 2012 and in 2016 he started competing at a professional level and performing his first performances in nationally and internationally recognized sporting events. Since then he began to enter the world of show business and during 2018 he discovered the world of circus training at Zirkozaurre with different circus disciplines upon receiving the scholarship from Haztegi. From then until today, Iñigo has dedicated himself to the circus performing numerous performances and working in different companies and companies dedicated to the show.