Sakurako Guibo, Guillaume Marinet, Hisashi Watanabe

"Yokaï Kemame, the spirit of the hairy beans"


Sakurako Guibo, Guillaume Marinet, Hisashi Watanabe


Sakurako Guibo, Guillaume Marinet, Hisashi Watanabe

03/07/23 22:00

Carpa Deltebre Dansa

All audiences
5€ (All the night shows included in the ticket)


Yokai in Japanese means the soul of a thing that has lived long enough to be given a soul. Graphically, the word yokai is a combination of two ideograms: «phenomenon» and «unknown». Inspired by this belief, the French Guillaume Martinet and the Japanese Hisashi Watanabe decided in this duo to find the «yokai» of their juggling! Enclosed in a quadrifrontal device, with more or less round objects hooked by Sakurako Gibo, they have created another way of juggling, between manipulation and contortion. A juggling, experimental, funny, tinged with a certain animality, emerges from their approach, which radically renews what we know of this circus discipline.


Founded in 2009 by Guillaume Martinet and Laure Caillat, Defracto is designed to host juggling projects. The company creates abstract and absurd pieces, all based on experimental and playful juggling, composed with a minimalist custom-made sound and light. Shows with multiple bodies, unpredictable juggling and a ridiculous virtuosity. Physically engaged and hyper-contextual, the shows are the fruit of over a decade of research into expressive juggling and physical humor. Remarcable: 2009, “Cinétique TOC”; 2010, Laureate Jeune Talent Cirque Europe 2010 with “Circuits fermés”; 2014, “Digink” wins the first prize of the International Festival of Juggling in Image; 2015, “Flaque” wins the prize for the best Circus show in Valladolid 2015; 2017, “Dystonie” stopped abruptly at the end of December 2021 following the death of Joseph Viatte; 2020, Defracto collaborates with the Japanese Atama To Kuchi to create “Yokai Kemame”; 2021, ” Croûte ” solo project site specific by Guillaume Martinet.