Horacio Macuacua

"Im tired!"


Horacio Macuacua


Horacio Macuacua

10/07/2023 22:00 h

Deltebre Dansa Tent

All audiences
5€ (All the night shows included in the ticket)


“Turbulence is unfolding, like I unfold my wings to escape. A voice is nagging, pestering, troubling me … haunting me. I am restless, this grieving is endless. I can’t breathe, I can’t lay my head, I can’t lay my body. How do you escape a place that is inside of you? This time I refuse to let go and I get sucked into a spiral of sentiments. Tossed into the darkness, I battle, fight and scream, but there is nothing, there is nobody… Only my ancestors can hear my pain. I am tired.”


The Mozambican dancer and choreographer is the artistic director of the dance company which bears his name. Horacio Macuacua develops projects that aim to go beyond established forms. Flexibility of mind and availability to catch the moment translate movement instantly into compositions that are complex and elaborated, displaying depth and playfulness, darkness and light. Each composition is a journey to reinvent and transform within the parameters of meaning. He has carried out his projects: COMUM, Canais, Orobroy, Stop! (1st Prize and Puma Creative Prize at Danse l’Afrique Danse Festival 2010), Smile If You Can!, Fighting room, Convoy, Paradise is not in the sky!, Theka, Birds don’t just fly! And Un Baile…