Elena Castellanos and Xián Martínez

"Ollos cara adentro"


Elena Castellanos and Xián Martínez


Elena Castellanos and Xián Martínez

08/07/23 22:30

Deltebre Dansa Tent

All audiences
5€ (All the night shows included in the ticket)


The spirit of the man who dreams is fully satisfied with what he dreams of. The arrogant unknown of possibility stops formulating. Kill, fly more fast, love when you want” (André Breton, 1924) Taking as a starting point the dream world, Ollos cara adentro aims to investigate the surrealist conception of the dream; this place where the limits of logic, the reason, conscience and even the conventions of taste are broken allowing a door to open between the inner and outer world of each individual.


iXa is a cultural project in company format co-directed by Xián Martínez and Mariona Jaume. iXa’s main objective is to generate a stable network of dance audiences, creating works and mediation projects annexes designed specifically for non-specialist audiences, adapting the scene to accessible dramaturgies, and themes that generate awareness. iXa has been a resident company in different spaces throughout the peninsula such as A Casa Vella d’Amiadoso (Galicia), L’Estruch Fabrica de creación (Catalonia), Dantzagunea (Euskadi, National Dance Company (Madrid), DNA Festival (Navarra) among others. iXa has created pieces of his own production and tours such as as Pioneres (live and long duration, co-produced by DNA) with two years on tour, Nik•Eu, co-produced by DNA, Lekuona Fabrika and supported by the residencies of the CND, Tacte or Ollos cara adentro. iXa has also created pieces for other platforms or companies such as the EDCM in Montreal Canada, the CDAN or DAB.