Julieta Martín Desole

"Pretty for Nobody"


Julieta Martín Desole


Julieta Martín Desole

07/07/23 22:00

Carpa Deltebre Dansa

60′ (all night long)
All audiences
5€ (All the night shows included in the ticket)


“Pretty for nobody” is the interval between life and death; the empty space left by sadness; the halfway point between nostalgia and what comes next; a funeral oration: a poetic mourning, create a sweet melody; melancholy / rage / a birthday that no one went to. The things that were not; I miss you, but I’m not going to tell you; – a balm – for broken hearts: turn off the TV. take it easy – cheat life: I woke up dead; the shredded paper that we trample on after a night out; the broken china on the shelf: cute for no one.


Julieta Martin was born in Buenos Aires, she is a circus artist specialized in Chinese stick, during her career she created two solos “La ultima vez que me suicide” and “Pretty for Nobody” with which she participated in different festivals and shows, and worked with different circus companies. She is currently co-creator of the Cirque Desole company which is about to premiere its first show HAPPY.