Nàdia Pesarrodona

Contemporary dance children

50 places




03/07 to 14/07 | 9:30 – 11:00

Saló Parroquial | L´Obrador

1:30 h
Children (under 14 years old)


We will work from creative dynamics, based on contemporary dance, body expression, acrobatics and rhythm. Through exercises, movement phrases, games and choreography, we will discover the possibilities of movement of our body, working on coordination, confidence, balance, strength and sensory memory. We will work individually to discover the capacities and competences of each one and also as a team, to foster camaraderie and creativity. The purpose of the course is to enhance the resources of each student so that we all explore our limits and enjoy dancing.


Today, dance is part of my life, it helps me grow, to heal emotionally, to organize my day to day better, it connects me and disconnects me, it makes me a better person. Sometimes it’s hard for me to explain it in words… you have to live and that’s why it’s as a dancer and above all as a teacher, a passion that I like more every day, I have the need to bring dance closer to those groups that don’t have the opportunity to do it and that surely they need it and it will do them good. For more than fifteen years I have been going up and down giving workshops and dance classes in different educational centers, dance schools, civic centers, special educational schools,… Each center that I step on brings me out with more knowledge than I have entered and each project that I do, is a challenge and a life lesson. In each and every one of the centers I have realized how beneficial it is to move, express oneself, interact with others, be aware of the possibilities that the body has,… No matter the age of the student, the benefits of Dance crosses all limits and enriches the soul. And this is what fascinates me the most and excites me to continue carrying out projects related to dance.