Oriol Borràs

"Pròxima Centauri"


Oriol Borràs


Oriol Borràs

10/07/2023 22:00 h

Deltebre Dansa Tent

All audiences
5€ (All the night shows included in the ticket)


“Pròxima Centauri” is a project that was born with the main objective of creating a scenic piece in which the dramaturgical structure is given by the phases of the life of a star from its birth to its death in a particular explosion, paralleling the phases of healing from a childhood wound. Each scene takes as reference one of the 5 phases: 1.Collapse, 2. Balance, 3. Collapse and Explosion, 4. Brilli Brilli and 5. Blur. The project combines astrophysics with circus, movement and electronic music through various elements: a cyr wheel, a floor full of leaves, 2 pendulums and water. These elements are used to weave the garment taking a personal experience as the leitmotif: when an injured child becomes obsessed with astrophysics.


Musician, physicist and circus artist. In 2016, Oriol graduated in physics and astrophysics from the University of Bristol (England). Right after, he started his training in circus arts at the Rogelio Rivel school (2016-2020). Previously, he also studied a professional degree in music at the Bruc Conservatory. In 2021, Oriol premiere his first solo show “Soy tu FÍSICAH”. “Pròxima Centauri” is his first project outside of training and for an adult audience.