Pau Aran

"En busca de la verdad"


Pau Aran


Pau Aran

07/07/23 22:30

Deltebre Dansa Tent

All audiences
5€ (All the night shows included in the ticket)


George I. Gurdjieff surprised the European intelligentsia with a comprehensive psychological, philosophical and cosmological teaching of ancient origin. At an early age, Gurdjieff undertook expeditions in search of hidden knowledge together with the Truth Seekers in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East. He imported many ideas never before heard in the mystical groups of the Western world. Ideas about the structure of the human being, about our “dream” state, our possibility of awakening and our place in the larger scheme of the universe. Inspired by this legacy, Pau Aran responds with a dance that explores the mystery of water, its movement, beauty and capacity for destruction, as well as that of stones, which serve as raw material to build buildings, channel the water or interrupt its course. , or to be thrown at someone. And so, Pau remembers a woman who, about to leave her town, looks at her dirt bags before starting her journey.


Born in Barcelona, ​​Pau began his career at the age of eleven through Latin American, standard, jazz and classical ballet. He completed his studies at the CPD ‘Mariemma’ in Madrid and later at the Folkwang Hochschule der Künste in Essen, before joining the ensemble of the Tanztheater Wuppertal – Pina Bausch in 2005, until 2020 as a permanent member and later as a guest. Also in 2020 when he begins his artistic collaboration with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, which continues to this day. From 2013, they begin their independent choreographic creations. Among his most significant shows are Today you see me, tomorrow you will be invisible (2013); Tres maneras y Mimosa (2016), Notes of Life (2019, produced in Yokohama); Brocken and Ich bin nicht nur ein Körper, aber wenn du willst, kann ich tanzen (2019, both for the Tanztheater Wuppertal), Lettre d´amour (2020, together with Consuelo Trujillo and Alberto Conejero) and Un cadavre exquis II (2022, together with José Troncoso).