Rakesh Sukesh

"Because I love the diversity (micro-attitude we all have it)"


Rakesh Sukesh


Rakesh Sukesh

08/07/23 19:00 h

L'Obrador Espai de Creació

Contains nudity


“Because I love the diversity” is a piece that oversteps the boundaries between dance and theatre. It is a solo performance embodying the inner state of a man of color who was and is subject of racial profiling. The piece explores the complexity of racial discrimination, analyzing the aggressions of modern society as well as those of the art world. By exposing attacks concerning racism, cultural appropriation, sexism, hypocrisy and superficiality, we are able to observe their repercussions in the body of the protagonist. Dance enables a rather raw physicality that opens space for chaos to resonate. This piece offers a time that allows us to reflect together on our experience when we witness aggression and chaos. What kind of relationship do we establish with the performer? Does the spectator look away when feeling uncomfortable? Is it possible for the public to identify themselves in the chaos; to have empathy (not) for this “outsider”?


Rakesh Sukesh started his choreographic practice in India. He created over 14 pieces, and some of the projects are mentioned below. His first piece was called Phase-0 in 2010, after which he got a commission from Gati Dance Forum, India, to make the dance film “TARQ,” which won an audience award at the 2016 summer intensive, and a solo piece called A Dream of Silence. In 2013, he created the duet YATRA in collaboration with Joost Vrouenraets. In 2014, in collaboration with Eddie Orayan, he created Börderland, which was commissioned by Zurich Tanzt . In 2018, KURUKSHETRA was commissioned by Danscentrumjette, and in 2019, he created a piece with Francisco Cordova called MAY US BLESS THE I. Currently, he is developing a solo project called “I Love the Diversity-Micro Attitude We All Have,” which is co-produced by Push Festival Vancouver.