For any question or suggestion related to the festival, you can write to us at info@deltebredansa.com.


How can I sign up?


To participate in the 2022 edition of the festival that will be held from 4 to 17 July, you can request more information and proceed to registration through the following form.

What’s the deadline to sign up?


Registrations will be open until the places available for the 2022 edition are completed. You can register here.

What does the registration include?


You can check which services are included in the registration for Deltebre Dansa 2022 and which are not here

Are there any different itineraries in this edition of the festival?


Indeed, Deltebre Dansa 2022 will offer 3 different itineraries. We have carefully designed three training workshop programs that are balanced and relevant, so that both teachers and workshops are varied and respond to the expectations and needs of the participants. Each participant will have to choose one of these 3 initeraries.

Which are the requirements to sign up for professional training?


The requirements are: first, be 18 years old or over. In the exceptional case of being a minor and accepting the registration application, an authorization signed by the minor’s legal guardian will be required. Second, have experience in the performing arts sector. And, finally, have an European health card or, failing that, international medical insurance.

When will I know if I’ve been accepted?


Once we receive your application through the form, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to let you know about the following steps.

Which teachers will be teaching at Deltebre Dansa 2022?


In the 2022 edition of the festival we will have 16 renowned teachers. All of them have prestigious professional careers: Akira Yoshida, Alleyne Dance, Anton Lachky, David Zambrano & Milan Herich, Francisco Córdova, Fighting Monkey, Lali Ayguadé, Lucija Romanova, Marion Sparber & Alan Guerra, Rakesh Sukesh, Wim Vandekeybus and Hofesh Shechter Repertory. You can consult all the details in the Professional Training section.

What sessions does the cycle of conferences include?


Deltebre Dansa 2022 includes a series of conferences that will take place during the 2 weeks of the festival. The talks will be given by some of the teachers from the festival’s professional workshops: Jozef Frucek & Natalia Pieczuro, David Zambrano, Lali Ayguadé & Akira Yoshida, Lucija Romanova, Marion Sparber & Sadé Alleyne.

What shows have been scheduled at the 2021 festival?


In this edition, the festival maintains the program of shows open to the public and that are freely accessible to festival participants. We have scheduled more than 15 avant-garde shows to be performed over 2 weeks. You can check the complete schedule of shows here.

What accommodation options exist during the festival?


Registration for the festival includes a place in the camping area (limited capacity). The place includes the reservation of a space in the camping area but it is necessary for each participant to bring their personal equipment (mattress, sleeping bag and tent, etc.), as well as any other accessory that can make your stay more comfortable. This option includes access to nearby shared showers and toilets.

The most recommended accommodation option from the Organization is renting a room in flats shared by the festival participants. This option is not included in the registration and, therefore, has an additional cost. Although the Organization does not directly manage these rentals, the festival will facilitate contact between interested participants and the person responsible for this external management. If you prefer, you can look for accommodation on your own.

What the festival’s refund policy?


Once the registration payment for the festival has been made, in no case can the amount paid be refunded.

What types of registration exist?


There are 2 registration modalities: the full 2-week registration (from July 4 to 17) and the one-week registration (from July 4 to 8 or from July 11 to 15). You can choose the mode that best suits your needs.

How do the itineraries work?


In the 2022 edition there are 3 itineraries (RED, GREEN and BLUE). Each itinerary has some predefined workshops and the three are very balanced to respond to the needs of all the participants. You can check it here.

If I sign up to the festival, do I have have access to the conferences?


Yes, you have free access to all scheduled conferences. Check the conference program.

If I sign up to the festival, do I have access to the daily perfornaces?


Yes. Professional training participants have free access to all scheduled shows. Of course, remember that you must request your ticket at the Organization to access the show. If you do not collect your ticket, it will be made available to the public. Check the program of shows.

What is the price of tuition?


The fee varies depending on the type of registration you choose: the full registration of 2 weeks (from July 4 to 17) or one week (from July 4 to 8 or from 11 to 15). You can request more information here.


What is the schedule for this edition?


You can check the schedule of shows for the 2022 edition of the Deltebre Dansa festival here.

Where are the shows held?


This 2022 edition, the performance space of the shows will be the Deltebre Dansa Tent located in the Parc del Riu de Deltebre. However, there will be other exhibition spaces. We encourage you to check the schedule to find out the time and location of each show.

Where I can buy tickets?


Tickets are on sale online through our website and also at the ticket office located in front of the Deltebre Dansa tent (Parc del Riu) every day from 7 pm.

We remind you that you can consult all the information about the programming of the Deltebre Dansa 2022 festival here.

Where can I buy the seasonal pass?


The Deltebre Dansa 2022 festival has a pass for every day of the festival that costs €50 and that you can buy online through the link you will find here.

What can I do if I have bought a ticket and I will not be able to attend the show?


In this case, and with great regret, you cannot return or change the ticket. Returns or exchanges of tickets are not accepted.

Can I come in if I'm late?


Out of respect for the artists and other spectators, it will not be possible to access the performance area once the performances have started. The doors will open to the public 30 minutes before the start of the shows. We ask you to come with the necessary anticipation to guarantee an orderly entrance.

Can you enter with drinks and food in the show area?


We’re sorry, but food and drink are not allowed in the show area to ensure the best possible space conditions.

Can pets enter the show area?


We are sorry, but animals are not allowed in the show area to guarantee the best possible conditions in the space.


When do registrations open?


To participate in the introductory workshops of the 2022 edition of the festival, which will take place from July 4 to 17, you can register in the form that you will find in the following section of our website.

How do I register?


Entries are made online through the web form that you will find here.

How can I know if I have been accepted?


Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. In case the course is complete, we will notify you as soon as possible.

What beginner workshops will be held at the Deltebre Dansa 2022 festival?


During the festival, 4 workshops of various disciplines will be held and the possibility of participating in the creation of Deltebre Dansa 2022 is also offered. Check all the beginners workshops here.

Can I take more than one workshop?


You can, but check the introductory workshop schedules first to make sure the workshops you want to take don’t overlap.

Please, keep in mind that a commitment to attend is requested throughout the duration of the workshops, as well as a commitment to participate on the day of the final exhibition. Therefore, we ask that you only enroll in those courses that you can really take.

How much do the beginners workshops cost?


With the aim of actively bringing the Performing Arts closer to the population, the beginners workshops are free. Pre-registration is only required as places are limited.

What do I need to take the introductory courses?


You have to wear: comfortable clothes, suitable footwear, a mask and a lot of desire!


What COVID-19 measures will be applied at the festival?


The organization will apply the preventive measures for COVID-19 dictated by the health authorities at all times.

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