Andrej Mikulasek
Head of logistics operations
Passionate, methodical, calm and tireless, as a good craftsman he is capable of transforming what he plays into pieces of art.

Dedicated to the world of costume design since 1995, his work has been developed between Slovakia and Spain, initially working for international brands, until 2012, when he created his own firm Andrej Mikulasek. He combines work in his atelier with the design and manufacture of theatrical costumes for different companies in the performing arts sector. He has created costumes for theater companies, circuses, folk music groups and orchestras.

He is co-owner of since 2008 and producer of all the company’s shows. He has taught a clothing workshop for Festa del Mercat a la plaça and has worked as a stylist in different audiovisual projects, television programs and photo shoots. One of his passions is the search and recovery of traditional costumes and the creation of costumes for historical recreation parties such as the Festa del Renaixement de Tortosa or the Festa del Mercat a plaça de Amposta, with which he has collaborated on various occasions.

In the field of scenography and theatrical construction, he has carried out small and large-format works since 2012, being in charge of the design and construction of scenographies for theatre and floats, for parades and shows for different public administrations and private companies. He combines his work at with direction and management of his own atelier at , where he has a space dedicated to bridal fashion.