Carmen Chacón
Graphic designer

Highly skilled creative designer, graduated in advertising and UX/UI design. After finishing my studies, I have been involved in a wide variety of projects, working with various advertising agencies and also on personal projects. I like to help clients communicate their messages and emotions effectively through design. I enjoy experimenting with different styles and design techniques to find the best solution for each project I work on.

I find inspiration in many sources, but above all in the environment, friends, cinema, music, and traditional materials and tools that are applied to the contemporary scene. This passion for design is reflected in my work and my constant search for exceeding the expectations of my clients in a disruptive and innovative way. I currently work at Kofumedia, a creative studio, as a creative director. there, I have had the opportunity to work on very interesting projects, one of them has been the creation of the new Deltebre Dansa website.