Joan Guijarro
Head of coordination and stage management
His restlessness, creativity and perseverance have made him overcome all challenges, no matter how great they have been. “Art is built day by day”, but better if it is done in an organised way and with common sense.

Actor, director and theater producer, he began his career in 2001 with the company RARS Produccions. He has been an internship professor in the “Filmmaking Course” for the University of Murcia and has participated in different audiovisual projects as an actor for directors such as Andreu Castro, Juan Carlos Martínez, David Perea and Alex Panisello. As a cultural manager he has worked in the production of the Festa del Renaixement de Tortosa coordinating infrastructures and companies between 2004 and 2006.

In 2008 he founded and began to produce and direct different plays, musical theater and historical recreation as well as different commissions for private companies and public administrations such as the creation of two unpublished shows for the Festa del Mercat in Plaça d’Amposta, and the creation and direction of parades and small and large-format staging. Among the more than 30 shows of the company, the 9Cabaret AMPOLINOproductions (2011-2019) and the 5 Vermouth danzat i altres Varietés productions (2010-2019) stand out. He also directs external projects such as La casa de Bernarda Alba for the Lorquianas collective or the musicals: Cabaret by Joe Masteroff (2017) and Mamma Mia! by Catherine Johnson (2019) for the centennial Lira Ampostina.

In 2011 he created, together with Andrej Mikulasek, the a space dedicated to the organization and comprehensive management of social and cultural events, and which is the current headquarters of the company. His latest works are Cabaret SOROLLAM, the street show LO POVADOR and LORCA Live, a show about Federico García Lorca.