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The conference series has been part of the in-person program of Deltebre Dansa since 2016. In the 2023 edition, the series consists of 4 lectures that will be conducted in English. These sessions aim to invite reflection on relevant and current aspects in the performing arts sector.

Akram Khan

Performing arts and climate emergency

July 6

In “Jungle Book Reimagined”, Akram Kan wants to discuss the relationship that people have with the land we inhabit, and how we forget to treat it with respect. Thus, and based on this production, we will open a discussion on how dance and the arts in general can contribute social awareness in the fight against the climate emergency.

Roser Sanjuán

Art and health

July 4

In recent years, art and science have joined forces to deepen the study that shows how artistic and creative activities can have a positive impact on people’s physical and mental health. In this conference, Roser Sanjuán, head of public programs at the La Panera Art Center, will explain her experience promoting the inclusion of art in health contexts and groups in vulnerable situations, demonstrating the positive impact generated by these proposals.

Ilies Benyahya-Ounich

Diversity and inclusion: theory and practice

July 11

Despite the fact that artistic institutions are committed to diversity and inclusion in theory, is this the case in practice? Ilies, dancer and member of ROPA / Roberto Olivan Performing Arts, will present his personal experience in terms of diversity and inclusion of people with disabilities in the artistic field. Illies, still having achondroplasia, became part of the artistic team of the latest ROPA production on equal terms with the other members, despite having this type of functional diversity, with the challenge that this meant for him. The entire production, that is, the rehearsal period, technical residency, previous performances and final premiere in Barcelona, had to consider an accessibility plan to eliminate any barrier or difficulty that would place the performer in a disadvantageous or unequal situation with respect to his peers. The ultimate objective of this conference is to raise the awareness of both professional participants and the general public about the limitations that this disability and others generate for professionals who suffer from them when it comes to working professionally in the movement arts sector.

Jasmin Vardimon

Large-scale productions: how to?

July 13

Jasmin Vardimon has extensive experience in large-scale productions. In this talk we will discuss the benefits and harms of creating shows of this magnitude. What are the key points to carry it out and not die trying?


Transfers from Barcelona to Deltebre will be provided on Sunday, July 2nd, and from Deltebre to Barcelona on Sunday, July 16th in the morning. The transportation will be arranged by Deltebre Dansa Festival and will follow the established schedules using organized coaches.


Registration for professional training includes, in addition to the professional workshops held in the morning and afternoon, free access to the scheduled performances and the conference series of Deltebre Dansa 2023.



From Monday to Friday, participants will enjoy a balanced diet designed to ensure physical and emotional well-being for both lunch and dinner. They will have the option to choose from the Mediterranean Menu (with options: Omnivorous, Vegetarian, and Basic Vegan) or the Bio-Vegan Menu (which incurs an additional supplement to the registration price).


Transfers from Barcelona to Deltebre will be provided on Sunday, July 2nd, and from Deltebre to Barcelona on Sunday, July 16th, in the morning. The transportation will be organized by the Deltebre Dansa Festival and will follow the established schedule using buses.


The festival provides individual lockers for participants to store personal belongings and make their stay more comfortable. A deposit will be required, which will be refunded upon completion of the festival.


Free laundry service is available during your stay at the festival. However, if you prefer to wash your clothes separately, there is a paid laundry service available in other areas of Deltebre.

The training area has free wifi.


Participants who prefer to stay in shared rooms in apartments will need to bear an additional cost in addition to the registration fee. While the festival does not handle these rentals directly, it will facilitate contact between interested participants and the person responsible for managing these external arrangements.

physical health

Availability of an alternative therapy service and therapeutic massages by specialists to ensure the good physical condition of participants. This service requires an appointment and has an additional cost.

bicycle rental

Renting bicycles is a recommended option for greater ease and freedom of movement within Deltebre and a way to enjoy the idyllic surroundings of the Delta del Ebro Natural Park.

The training area has free wifi.

The facilities where Deltebre Dansa Festival takes place, along with all the parallel activities, are located close to ATMs, supermarkets, pharmacies, various shops, and many other services that may be necessary during your stay. We will provide you with all the information you may need during your participation in the event.

frequently asked


To participate in the 2022 edition of the festival that will be held from July 4 to 17, you can register using the following form..
You can check which services are included and which are not in the Deltebre Dansa 2022 registration here.

Efectivamente, el Deltebre Dansa 2023 ofrecerá 3 itinerarios diferentes, y el monográfico Akram Khan. Hemos diseñadoa

The requirements are as follows:

Be of legal age. In the exceptional case of being a minor and accepting the registration application, an authorization signed by the minor’s legal guardian will be required.

Have experience in the performing arts sector.

Have the European health card or, failing that, international medical insurance.

cuidadosamente todos los programas de workshops equilibrados entre sí, de modo que tanto profesores como talleres sean variados y respondan a las expectativas y necesidades de los participantes. Cada participante tendrá que escoger uno de estos 3 itinerarios.

In the 2022 edition of the festival we will have 16 renowned teachers. All of them have prestigious professional careers: Akira Yoshida, Alan Guerra, Alleyne Dance, Anton Lachky, David Zambrano, Francisco Córdova, Jozef Frucek, Lali Ayguadé, Lucija Romanova, Marion Sparber, Milan Herich, Natalia Pieczuro, Rachel Fallon, Rakesh Su , Wim Vandekeybus and Yeji Kim. You can consult all the details in the Professional Training section.

In this edition, the festival maintains the program of shows open to the public and that are freely accessible to festival participants. We have scheduled more than 15 avant-garde shows to be performed over 2 weeks. You can check the complete schedule of shows here.

Once the registration payment for the festival has been made, in no case can the amount paid be refunded.

In the 2022 edition there are 3 itineraries (RED, GREEN and BLUE). Each itinerary has some predefined workshops and the three are very balanced to respond to the needs of all the participants. You can check it here.

Yes. Professional training participants have free access to all scheduled shows. Of course, remember that you must request your ticket at the Organization to access the show. If you do not collect your ticket, it will be made available to the public Check the program of shows.
They will be open until the places available for the 2022 edition are completed. You can register here.

Indeed, Deltebre Dansa 2022 will offer 3 different itineraries. We have carefully designed three training workshop programs of great current relevance and balanced with each other, so that both teachers and workshops are varied and respond to the expectations and needs of the participants. Each participant will have to choose one of these 3 itineraries.

Once we receive your request through the form you will find here, we will respond as soon as possible.

Deltebre Dansa 2022 includes a series of conferences that will take place during the 2 weeks of the festival. The talks will be given by some of the teachers from the festival’s professional workshops: Jozef Frucek & Natalia Pieczuro, David Zambrano, Lali Ayguadé & Akira Yoshida, Lucija Romanova, Marion Sparber & Sadé Alleyne.

Registration for the festival includes a place in the camping area (limited capacity). The place includes the reservation of a space in the camping area but it is necessary for each participant to bring their personal equipment (mattress, sleeping bag and tent, etc.), as well as any other accessory that can make your stay more comfortable. This option includes access to nearby shared showers and toilets.

The most recommended accommodation option from the Organization is renting a room in flats shared by the festival participants. This option is not included in the registration and, therefore, has an additional cost. Although the Organization does not directly manage these rentals, the festival will facilitate contact between interested participants and the person responsible for this external management. If you prefer, you can look for accommodation on your own.

There are 2 registration modalities: the full 2-week registration (from July 4 to 17) and the one-week registration (from July 4 to 8 or from July 11 to 15). You can choose the mode that best suits your needs.

Yes, you have free access to all scheduled conferences Check the conference program.

The fee varies depending on the type of registration you choose: the full registration of 2 weeks (from July 4 to 17) or one week (from July 4 to 8 or from 11 to 15). You can request more information here.